Caricature of Colleague Transferring Back To UK Office Leaving Behind Singaporean Colleagues

This client requested for a very specific design of how they wanted their caricature to look like:
– is sitting on top of the Singapore...

Caricature Of Retiring Air Force Boss In Uniform With Jets in The Background

If you don’t want to email us your order, you can also call or make an appointment and come down to our office.

Like this customer,...

Farewell Caricature For Leaving Colleague Sitting At Desk With Calculator

Client wants to give a caricature as a farewell gift to a leaving colleague.
Thanks for your reply. Here are the specifications of my order:



Caricature Of Retiring CEO Based in UK With Striped Polo T With Singapore Background

Client wants to present a gift to their retiring CEO who now resides in the UK.
Hi Anna

As spoken, here is the revised request:


Caricature of Construction Team Who Have Just Completed Their Building

Caricatures can be given as a congratulatory gift, like this customer who wanted to present a caricature to their team for completing their building!


Caricature of Fun-Loving and Energetic Colleague In Funky Clothes

Customer requested for a appreciation gift for their colleague from the company’s HQ. They wanted to present him with a gift to bring back...

Caricature Of Couple Playing Golf All Over Singapore

Who need cosmetics to make you handsome? Just ask us to draw you with a good looking face!

Good day,


We would like to request...

Caricature of Boss in Uniform With The Sea And Ships In The Background

This customer requested for a caricature for their boss who works on a ship,
Dear Anna,

We need the picture of my boss on A3 size paper,...

Caricature of Wedding Couple In Traditional Indian Outfits On Red Bike

Why not get a caricature as a memorabilia for your wedding? Like this customer:

Dear sir / madam, 

You can use the same background. 

Caricature of Man Holding a Bouquet of Roses and Woman With Pink Balloon

Customer requested for a simple caricature for two:
1.      A4 size colour marker with no background colour & no laminate &

2.     ...

Farewell Caricature Gift For Boss in BMW Convertible Wearing Black Suit With Green Glasses

Customer requested for a caricature as a farewell gift for their boss:

1. Focus on her specs (glasses) as that is her...

Farewell Caricatures For Retiring CEO and Deputy CEO Wo Enjoys Golf and Cigars

What would you give someone who has everything? How about a caricature?
Our CEO and Deputy CEO are retiring soon. We would like to present them...

Caricature As Appreciation Gift For Director of NUS

Customer requested for a caricature to be presented as an appreciation gift to their Director:
A brief description of what we want:


Birthday Caricature For The General Manager Who Likes To Count Money

This customer requested for a caricature for their boss’s birthday,they included things that were unique about him:
Hi just to add some...

“Wreck of Medusa” Caricature Themed Gift For Colleague

This team wanted to present their colleague with a caricature gift with the theme of “Wreck of Medusa”


Hi Anna,



Birthday Caricature Of Comic Book Superhero, Green Lantern For Boss

Ever thought of portraying your favourite people as a comic book hero? Like this customer, who requested a Green Lantern caricature for their...

Caricature of Engaged Couple In Blue Traditional Malay Clothes

Only cool couples would choose to have a caricature as an engagement gift!
Id like to have that couple caricature of colour marker 12x16inch...

Digital Caricature Singapore Air Force In Uniform Over The Blue Skies

Ever wanted to feel like you’re part of a movie poster? That was the inspiration for this digital painted caricature!



Caricature Of Wedding Couple on Red Bicycle In Wedding Attire

Caricatures has been a popular choice as a wedding gift lately, like this one!

Hi Kamal,
Many thanks for the detailed email. 
So if...

Caricature Of Retiring Colleague in White Lab Coat With Microscope

Customer requested for a caricature for their retiring colleague who works in a lab.

The caricature generally should include Mr —...

Caricature of Sleek, Sexy, Beautiful Piloxing Instructor Working Out

Why not present a different kind of gift to a special friend? This customer wanted a sexy caricature for Piloxing Instructor freind.


21st Themed Caricature With Favourite K-pop Idol

Here was in interesting request, the customer wanted a birthday caricature of her friend with her favourite K-pop idol!

Hi Kamal,