Farewell Caricature For Switzerland Boss With The Body of Merlion

Their boss is heading back to Switzerland.

They want to give him a gift to remember his time in Singapore!
I wrote in earlier, stating that...

Energizer Manager As Gandalf The White From Lord Of The Rings

Customer requested for a Lord Of The Ring Theme with this one!

Our artist had lots of fun drawing this caricature!
Description of drawing:


Japanse Family Caricature Enjoying In The Warm Singapore Sun

This Japanese family requested for a family portrait with a Singaporean theme/

And, I would like to order three drawings for our family...

Birthday Caricature for Marathon Runner Finishing A Race

How about a caricature to give to your boss for his birthday?

This customer request:
As spoken to you earlier, you would like to have the...

Farewell Caricature For Viking General Manager On A Ship

A farewell gift to a Viking leader!
I would like to get a farewell gift for my General Manager whom’s a Danes- typically a drawing of...

Mugshot Caricature for Leaving Colleagues

This customer requested for A4 mugshot caricature

as a farewell gift for their leaving colleagues. These 2 caricatures

were made and presented...

Couple Caricature With Lego Theme Background

Only cool couples do caricatures!

This creative couple came up with a lego theme for their caricature!

My Face:

Figure 1

Caricature of Couple’s 25th Silver Anniversary As Secretary and Landscape Artist

This couple’s Silver Anniversary falls on the same year as SG50!

The customer requested SG50 to be placed in the picture to commemorate...

Mugshot Caricature of Staff Leaving The Company

This customer requested for a caricature for their leaving staff

This is a mugshot caricature which only shows half of their body.

Caricature For Leaving Boss Who Loves Travelling

What better way to show appreciation for your boss than a personalized caricature!
The following are to form the background (Montage), these...

Farewell Caricature For Leaving Colleague As Princess Leia In Star Wars

This caricature order wanted their leaving colleague to look like Princess Leia!

Here’s their request!
1) Star Wars Theme

2) Draw...

Farewell Caricature For Golf Enthusiast With Singapore Landmarks

Customer requested for a drawing as a farewell present

they also requested for:

– Golf theme

– Singapore landmark

Cycling Colleague Outdoors With Battle Tank and Fighter Jet In The Background

The order requested for a caricature for their colleague
1.       to be on a bicycle wearing cycling shorts – somewhere outdoors in...

Wedding Caricature of Couples In Wedding Attire With M&M Cake

The couple requested for their wedding caricature filled with m&ms!

They are dressed in their wedding attire with their wedding cake!


CEO and GM In Sports Attire Working In Office And Chinese Drums

The company requested fun caricatures of their GM and CEO doing fun activities!

We wish to proceed to have ​picture (full body)...

Indian Couple in Wedding Outfits With Lighted City Background

Wedding caricatures are only for cool couples!

This couple requested for a caricature to be presented at their wedding reception!

The wedding...

Peaceful Colleague Sitting In The Park Surrounded By Nature

Customer requested for her colleague to be drawn in nature surrounded by something peaceful.

Her  passions: Music, reading, coffee,...

Executive who loves beer and a jet-setter.

This Caucasian executive works for Mobil Jet Oil loves beer and travelling. Here is showing him with a mug of light beer. He is dressed in suit...

Farewell gift for a lady boss

A farewell gift for a lady boss who is dedicated to her job. It was requested by our customer to draw her seated at her working desk with desktop...

Happy Golfer on Buggy

Here we have a jovial and happy Golf player travelling on a buggy! Hmm… that’s smart way of playing golf!