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These are original...

Appreciation Gift To Dearest SOP

Thank you gift for the long service

Farewell To An Amazing Lady Boss

Thank you gift to lady boss for the guidance, leadership and friendship.


Walking And Paddling Down Strong

A leader will back us no matter what the circumstances is.

Appreciation Gift To Senior Lieutenant Colonel

Thank you to SLTC for the contribution in NDP


Appreciation Gift to Warrant Officer

Thank you gift to Warrant Officer for involving in the NDP



Sparkly Fireworks To Warrant Officer For His Retirement

Caricature thank you gift to warrant officer for the dedicated services

Crowning On His Birthday To Big Fan Of Liverpool

Caricature of Liverpool fan and his trophy for his birthday

Creating Memories That Last, Farewell Gift

Caricature Gift for a colleague

Farewell Gift To A Colleague

Thank you caricature for a colleague and well wishes with Singapore popular landmarks.

Memories To Be Sketch And Not Forgotten

Thank you gift for colleague with Singapore landmarks

Appreciation Gift For Colleague To A Happy And Fruitful Retirement

Thank you gift for a wonderful colleague for her services

Creating Memories Caricature Birthday Girl Premiere League Trophy

Premiere league trophy birthday gift to sexy lady

Birthday Caricature Gift For Best Friend

Memories are created on the special day.

Mugshot Appreciation For A Lady Boss

Thank you mugshot for a lady boss

Memories Indian Wedding For A Newly Bride And Groom

Special wedding present for the newly wed couple.

Farewell Gift For A Boss Who Is A Fan Of StarWars

Comical feature of a boss enjoying his favourite anime.

Appreciation Gift To Lieutenant Colonel For His Dedication

SAF Navy farewell gift to Lieutenant  for his guidance leadership and friendship

Where Services Knows No Boundaries

Flying out to serve the best, partnership Singapore and Australia, international landmarks.

Farewell Gift To A Colleague

Farewell gift to senior management manager for being part of the company.



Caricature The Happy Moment, Hole In One Tournament

Swing the club to success.