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Every drawing is uniquely created for our customers based on their special request.

These are original hand-drawn...

The only team of full-time caricature artists in Singapore.

Thank you gift

“Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret.” – Mary Kay Ash

Anniversary gift to thank him for his service

Some companies reward their staff with customised caricatures to thank them for their contribution.

Looking Sexy in SQ’s Kebaya

The great thing about caricature as a gift is being portrayed as funny yet classy at the same time.

A bittersweet farewell to their boss

Customised caricature with a group photo inserted is one way to be included in the artwork. Our prints are high quality so, even your photos...

A simple gift for a colleague

Sometimes, a simple caricature to thank a colleague for their contributions goes a long way.

Farewell gift for the head of department

What better way to bid a boss farewell than to thank him with a caricature with his dogs and his contributions to the various departments!!...

Retirement gift for a beloved teacher

“She is very well loved by all the students who are taught by her in the hospital when they come for hospital attachment; loves to...

Fun times at disneyland

Fun times remembered through art and photos

Be in the artwork with the person you want to present the gift for.

Cycle to his favourite food

You must have spent enough time with your colleague to know what they like and will miss when they leave Singapore. A unique gift like these...

Farewell gift for a military fellow

Logos inserted the way you want us to.

“Up da Duckin Dunbars”

Different kind of family photo

A different kind of superhero

Same same but different

Farewell gift for a guardsman

Gift for a friend who always makes fun of the dog

Adding a bit of cuteness to the gift

Our hero loves pizza

Gift for a Man U fan.

Gift for a dragon-boater

It’s always nice to receive a gift which people know what you like.

Farewell to a comrade

Thanking their comrade for his achievements and contributions.

A “Wand”erful gift for a boss

His spectacles makes him look like “Harry Potter” doesn’t it?