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Retirement Gift for Old Timer of Oil Refineries in Singapore.

A real old timer of the oil refinery in Singapore given the title of Historian as a farewell gift. Caricature art drawn by Singapore artist....

Farewell Wishes to Expatriate Boss Who Has a Plan

Office setting with thing that he likes while in Singapore, peculiar things that only a caring colleague would notice to come up with an...

Warrant Officer Retirement Gift Caricature

Caricature gift for retirement gift by colleagues to remember a co-worker. Specially drawn with love by the best caricature artist in Singapore....

Appreciation for Australian Speaker


Event commemorative gift for a successful forum in Singapore with a nicely drawn caricature by Singapore artists. An Australian...

Happy Birthday Caricature Gift for 40 Year Old Celebration

A special birthday wish to a talented musician by giving an appropriately drawn caricature.

Farewell Gift to Recon Captain

Top Salesman Set-off to a New Adventure

Parting gift from colleagues to a top sales personnel. With company logo on the monitor screen and personal messages. We draw every drawing from...

Award Winning Boss with Sound Work Principles

Special One-of-a-kind unique gift that can be customised to your imagination.

Boss is a World Traveller

Farewell Gift for Boss Leaving the company. Combined gift for lasting memory of friendship and comraderie.

Farewell Gift to Guardsman Sarge

Soldier in number 1 SAF ceremonial uniform.


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Army Guards Military Caricature Gift For Retirement

A customised special caricature gift for an army sergeant with the lite strike vehicle and helicopter hovering. A gift to remember.


Christmas Gift

Farewell Gift

A “Nick Fury” carrying beg of “ham Chim Peng”

Retirement Gift

Farewell Gift

Retirement Gift

Farewell Gift