Caricature drawing that’s good to eat. Yummy!

What a lovely birthday cake.

Drawing ‘Live’ caricature on 92FM

Invited to do a ‘Live’ show in conjunction with Cartoonist day 5th of May. Drew celebrity DJs of Kiss 92FM and interviewed live on...

Gifts for Anniversary Award Winners



Digital caricature drawing at a grand event

caricature studio order drawn from photograph

Our professional team of artists draw high quality art for caricature gifts that will be well received. With many years of training and experience...

Digital painting of caricature for a watercolor artist Mr. Idris Mohd Ali.

Distinguished watercolor artist Friend drawn with iPad Pro

Digital caricature product launch of new Wacom tablets

We were engaged to introduce the latest Intuos Pro Paper Edition and Studio Pro to introduce to the press in Singapore. Whatever was written...

JAPAN Grandprix 2017 Caricature Competiton

Four of our artists attended the Japanese gathering of caricature artists. It’s a week Long event of competition and learning among the...

We’re in Kyoto Japan this week for caricature convention

Where the best caricature artists gather to improve the art.