Caricature For Leaving Colleague in Scuba Suit By The Beach

Customer requested for a caricature as a farewell gift for a colleague leaving after 16 years of service!

I’m following up on an...

Appreciation Caricature Gift For “Big Bro” With The Guys Doing Their Favourite Activites

A caricature would be perfect gift for you to reminisce the the past.

Some background history on our this group of friends (Brothers) before...

Anniversary Caricature Of Family Of Four In Formal Attires

Caricatures have been an increasingly popular choice as an anniversary gift!

me and my wife is having our 8th year anniversary this Sunday...

Graduation Caricature Gift For A Friend In Formal Graduation Robe

Customer ordered a caricature as a graduation gift for a friend.
I have attached with you two pictures of my friend for your reference.


Farewell Caricature Gift For Colleague With Apple Cake

Customer requested for a similar caricature like a previous order.

You can also add in your own ideas to make it more personalized.
Hi Anna,


Caricature Of Wedding Couple In Traditional Chinese Costume With Their Pet Dog

This couple requested a caricature for their upcoming wedding!

Customer wanted the couple to be dressed in traditional Chinese costumers


Caricature Of Family Of 5 With Chinese Characters In Background

Customer who used our services before came back and requested for a family caricature:

I have already bought one of your drawings. I would...

60th Birthday Caricature With 23 Sheeps And A Kitten In Front of Chapel

Customer requested for a caricature for a birthday
Theme: —– (wearing sandals) in front of St Joseph’s chapel


Digital Farewell Caricature For Leaving Friends With Pubs In The Background

Customer requested for a caricature as a farewell gift

We’ve put together a collage of the sort of thing we want – see attached. 

Farewell Digital Caricature For Head Dragon Rugby Coach

Customer requested for a caricature as a farewell gift


I would like the drawing to be of the subject wearing a rugby top and shorts,...

Caricature Of Wedding Couple In Gown and Suit On Red Bike

Customer requested for a caricature to be presented at his wedding:


I’m sending the photos over labeled as ‘Bike’ for the...

Caricature For Boss Riding Bicycle With Staffs In Background

Customer ordered a caricature for their boss:

Many thanks for the below, I am just in the process of compiling all the head shots.

Farewell Digital Caricature For Colleague Riding Plance With Merlion Background

Customer requested for a farewell caricature for colleague who is leaving.

They asked for their colleague to be drawn

-riding a place


Wedding Caricature Of Couple Dressed In Wedding Attire With A Bouquet of Roses

Customer requested for a wedding caricature for him and his wife for their wedding.

They are both to be dressed in wedding attire with the...

Mugshot Caricature Thank You Gifts For Four Colleagues

Customer requested for four mugshot caricatures as a thank you gift.

Along with your caricature,

You can also request for us to insert...

Caricature Of Children Building Sandcastles By The Beach

Satisfies with her previous order, this customer approached us again for another caricature.

Hi Anna,

Thanks for —- and —-...

Farewell Caricature Gift For Indian Food, Beer, Noodles Loving Colleague

Customer requested for a caricature to be presented as a farewell gift to leaving colleague.
The caricature is for our colleague —-. Please...

Caricature Of Father And Son In Toyota Car With India Landmarks

Customer requested for two caricature to be presented as a gift in India
#1: Photo 1

#2: Photo 2 & 3 (Pls draw 2 Characters together)


Gift Caricature Of Champion Boxer With Red Boxing Gloves

Customer requested for a caricature with a boxing theme.
Can we go ahead with the A4 for single person. Can we do boxing theme, please. Thanks...

Caricature For Colleague Going Back To Japan

They requested for a caricature for a farewell gift for a Japanese colleague going back to Japan.

Theme: This is a farewell gift for...