Grand 60th birthday gift is a big ‘Landing’

The Big Landing is a Chinese concept for someone who has come of age. The client  has a lot of idea that we enjoy translating into this man-in-space...

Gift for a dear friend who is a big fan of Chelsea Football Club

A caricature gift for a colleague at work depicting his favourite passion.

Head only caricature without body

Sometimes, no body is required to be drawn to keep it simple.

Patriotic portrait caricature

She’s waving the flag, must be a patriotic person.

Farewell gift for AirForce personnel

Farewell gift for colleague.

Boss going away commemorative gift with a running theme

Boss is a running enthusiast, so everyone wants to be drawn running with him when he is posted to another station abroad.

Superhero Boys and Super Dad.

Boys will be boys. Family Caricature Drawing

Drink and Drive like a Boss

Reminiscing great moments among friends

A special commemorative gift for friends from a retreat in South Africa enjoying wine.

First birthday for baby celebration

Gift drawing and party activity.

Social media Influencers at a launch event

We drew live digital caricature at an event celebrating social media influencers and others. Some of these are drawn in advance, while some are...