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Every drawing is uniquely created for our customers based on their special request.

These are original hand-drawn...

The only team of full-time caricature artists in Singapore.

“Up da Duckin Dunbars”

Different kind of family photo

A different kind of superhero

Same same but different

Farewell gift for a guardsman

Gift for a friend who always makes fun of the dog

Adding a bit of cuteness to the gift

Our hero loves pizza

Gift for a Man U fan.

Gift for a dragon-boater

It’s always nice to receive a gift which people know what you like.

Farewell to a comrade

Thanking their comrade for his achievements and contributions.

A “Wand”erful gift for a boss

His spectacles makes him look like “Harry Potter” doesn’t it?

Michael Jordan and Me

How about a caricature drawn with your favourite basketball player?

Happy Retirement!

What better way to celebrate retirement than a gift to thank someone for their time, service and guidance and featuring their favourites...

Big 2 on 1 hand and Nintendo Switch on the other

Bet he practices ‘Big 2′ on the nintendo switch.

Birthday gift for a senior

This was a 3-day express order. Our artist is able to draw quality caricatures even under tight turn-around-time.

Farewell gift for a colleague

We can customise the drawing to your requirements.

Farewell gift for a techie

Wedding gift for friends

Birthday gift for dad

Gift for the Best Teacher Ever

Birthday gift for a cuddly boss

New York, Here i come