Farewell gift for CO (Commanding Officer)

~   by admin on Mar 04, 2008.

We rushed this order over the weekend for a squadron of the RSAF. Its a farewell gift for a CO and the initial idea was to draw him in the cockpit of F15 D+ jet fighter. His unit ensures that this particular type of plane is in tip top condition and I suppose he must have been a good leader that all his merry men wanted a caricature drawn with him on this occassion. It is an interesting challenge and I do not wish to portray a normal 'Top gun' theme that would be inaccurate for an engineer. Based on the descriptions of his occupation and implements they used, I envisioned a cowboy, so I drew a caricature of him riding the jet engine holding a drill gun wearing a safety helmet with a radioactive sign. They thought I'd draw him in a cockpit of a F-15 D+ and did not expect this but they all loved it in the end and sent us a nice thank you note which made the sacrificed weekend worth.


This is a big group caricature with 38 persons drawn.

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