Bugis Street Caricature Entertainment

~   by admin on Nov 22, 2008.
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Movie stars May and Choy who played the role of 'Durian' sisters in the movie '881' graced the event.


In a crowded situation, we do away with tables and draw in a standing position which is more interactive.

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Bugis street is a notorious place in the 70s and 80s. It was well known for counterfeit products on sale at a bargain, transvestites and shady entertainments back then. I’ve heard stories from artists friends who worked those streets in the glory days drawing portraits and wished I was there – actually I was there but as a boy I was oblivious to all the vices. And when I’m abroad, I often meet old sailors who fondly remember Singapore for her Bugis street.

Its a new Bugis street now, there is good shopping at a bargain in its maze of bazaar stalls and still great food. It is another must visit place when in Singapore.

OK back to work – so I was engaged to entertain or rather pull in the crowd to the launch of ‘Late night shopping @ Bugis Street’. It was a festive atmosphere with percussion troupe and movie stars to grace the occasion and me drawing in the laughs with caricatures and funny captions.

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