Live Digital Caricature at Birthday Party

~   by admin on Dec 20, 2010.
2010-12-19-tavishya-birthday-digital-caricature-artist-singapore.jpg 2010-12-19-tavishya-birthday-digital-caricature-prints.jpg 2010-12-19-tavishya-birthday-digital-caricature-party.jpg 2010-12-19-tavishya-birthday-digital-caricature-chef.jpg 2010-12-19-tavishya-birthday-digital-caricature-boy.jpg

Live Digital caricature entertainment is a novel way to entertain the guests at this birthday party. It’s hand-drawn by our artist using the computer and drawing tablet.  The drawing process is projected on screen and the customer gets a print instantly. This birthday party was held at Yantra restaurant, Tanglin Mall. It was a fun and enjoyable two-hours of event! Guest get to bring home a memorable digital print out of their caricature.

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