‘Happee Day’ at The Hortpark – ‘Live’ Caricature Drawing Event

~   by admin on Dec 28, 2010.
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On 31 October (Sun) , Mother Inc has partnered with the HortPark and the Children’s’ Cancer Foundation (CCF) to host a charitable event for children with cancer called ‘Happee Day’.Reaching out to approximately 30 children, ‘Happee Day’ comprises of two components – one at the holding area which is the MPH/Lawn where a mini-carnival with different booths where activities such as Wii-gaming, face painting, balloon crafting were held. The other part of the programme was a one-hour workshop “Starting Your First Plant”.Both components were fully run and sponsored by volunteers who are readers or partners of the blog and are mostly parents with children, to make this a special time for cancer-stricken children.

A one day of fun for these kids who have to be brave and go through years of jabs and treatment. Thing is, we can’t be there through it all, but one day is a start. To let them know that they’re not facing this alone. That there are people who care and are proud of them for fighting and are cheering them on.

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