The ‘compassionate’ Superhero!

~   by Kamal Dollah on Feb 18, 2014.

A very thoughtful teacher decided to get a portrait of their principal done for his birthday.

1) Full body on A3, Normal Colour Marker, Standard Frame (brown) 
2) Feature him as a superhero, e.g. a superman but instead of S, we’d like the logo on his chest to be a red heart representing “compassion”. Other superheroes are acceptable too. To feature the Teaching & Learning for Understanding (TLU) framework (see attached) as an emblem on his costume. It can be on his right like a badge.
3) Our school building and lighthouse (see attached photo) in the background
4) Being young-at-heart, he should be featured as a youthful person with a vibrant smile and bright eyes. 
5) Because we respect him a lot as a leader, we hope that his face won’t be distorted to look too ugly (I hope you know what I mean!). I’m sure as a professional artist, you would know how best to feature him tastefully. :)
6) We’re presenting to him on Thursday, 21 November 2013. Appreciate it if we can have it before that day.
And yes, we made him look charming as he already is.
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