Caricature of The Whole MCCY Team

~   by Kamal Dollah on Mar 10, 2014.
2013-10-30-Mugshot-1.jpg 2013-10-30-Mugshot-12.jpg 2013-10-30-Mugshot-11.jpg 2013-10-30-Mugshot-10.jpg 2013-10-30-Mugshot-9.jpg 2013-10-30-Mugshot-8.jpg 2013-10-30-Mugshot-7.jpg 2013-10-30-Mugshot-6.jpg 2013-10-30-Mugshot-5.jpg 2013-10-30-Mugshot-4.jpg 2013-10-30-Mugshot-3.jpg 2013-10-30-Mugshot-2.jpg

Hi ,

We would like to place our order for  12 individual head only caricature in A4 b/w marker. Will need them to be ready by 30 Oct (Wed), understand price will be $30 per piece. 

Can we also request for text “MCCY TWC 12/13” to be included at the bottom right corner?

Will send you the photos for the 12 individuals separately. Let me know what else will be required. Thanks!


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