Caricature Gift for Three Managers

~   by Kamal Dollah on Mar 11, 2014.
2014-02-10-Racket-Tennis-Eiffel-Tower-Finance-Director-Numbers-Trees.jpg 2014-02-10-Samurai-Costume-Wine-Cellar-Samurai-Sword-Wine-Glass.jpg 2014-02-10-Lugguage-Departure-Hall-Baggage-Scan-Machine-Suit-Passport.jpg

Three managers leaving the company for positions outside of Singapore. What other way to bid a wonderful farewell than a caricature that would remind them of the fun company they were with!

We hope you all the best!


I would like for 3 caricature drawings. These are to be presented as farewell gifts to the respective management staff who are leaving Singapore.

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