Caricature of Lone Ranger & Cinderella Wedding Theme

~   by Kamal Dollah on Mar 11, 2014.
2014-01-07-caricature-singapore-couple-digital-cirrus-cloud-sky-hospital-bed-riding-lone-ranger-cinderella-princess-disney-gun-boots-mask-hat-cowboy.jpg 2014-01-07-night-caricature-singapore-couple-digital-cirrus-cloud-sky-hospital-bed-riding-lone-ranger-cinderella-princess-disney-gun-boots-mask-hat-cowboy.jpg

This is an interesting one! Lone Ranger riding a hospital bed with his beautiful Cinderella in a stunning classic blue ball gown. You have to agree the night time does look nicer, ya?

Im interested to do up a caricature of a couple picture dressed in Lone Ranger and Cinderella body.
I would like it in digital. And I would like the body in Lone Ranger and Cinderella please.
The Lone Ranger would come with the mask and the hat and he is riding/sitting on the hospital bed, the Cinderella is as per normal, in a blue gown.
Also can i have the background to night instead of day and add a full moon for night?
Thanks & Regards.
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