Mugshot Caricature Farewell Gift For Colleagues

~   by Kamal Dollah on May 18, 2014.
2014-05-07-Mugshot-Wonderful-Boss-Smiley-Face.jpg 2014-05-07-Mugshot-Working-Colleague-Spectacles-Smile.jpg

We love client’s feedback like this:


Thank you for the wonderful drawing. They really appreciate the gifts.
Will order more for future events..

Client has requested for a mugshot caricature as a farewell gift for leaving colleagues:

I like to order Normal Colour Marker Mugshot on A4 
Attached is the 2 Photos.
I need to have this photo before 23rd May due to farewell..
To: XXXX(First Photo). Message: It was a pleasure working with you. From XXXX 29th May 2014
To: XXX (2nd Photo). Message: Thank you for being a wonderful boss. From XXXX 29th May 2014.
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