Farewell Gift For Food Loving Bodybuilder Colleague And Japanese Golfer

~   by admin on Jul 25, 2014.
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Some fun farewell gift drawings from co-workers are fun to sketch.

Client requested for a caricature as a farewell gift for colleague who is leaving.


Dear Anna,


As of our conversation, we would like to revise our order as follows:


Revised Order

Type: Full Body on A4 (normal colour market) w/o Frame

Quantity: 2

Timing: Normal service

-          1 latest by next Friday, 18th July

-          1 latest by Wednesday, 23rd July

Deliver: Self-collection



Thank you, xxxx!

We will miss you.



Your DSMD Family




Thank you, —–!

We will miss you.



Your DSMD Family



I will drop by next Tuesday (15th July), from 12:00 SGT, for a discussion with the artist.

Suppose he is free on Monday (14th July), do drop me an email or a call in the morning.

I will send the photos by next Monday.


Kindly acknowledge this email for confirmation.


Thank you.

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