Farewell Caricature Gift For Boss in BMW Convertible Wearing Black Suit With Green Glasses

Customer requested for a caricature as a farewell gift for their boss:


1. Focus on her specs (glasses) as that is her special feature. Preferably draw that she is wearing a black suit like the one she is wearing in the pic attached.

2. She will be driving a BMW convertible (black/white/silver depends which is the best colour combination, since she is wearing a black suit, perhaps a white/silver car will be nicer? Just my thought, pls decide based on your expertise) with her hands holding a “you’ll be missed” balloon. You can design a nicer balloon if you can think of better / nicer than the pic I attach.

3. Background will be a Singapore night scenery (simple one will do) if needed, can skip this if you think too much things. Main point is to focus on my boss and the BMW car.

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