Family Caricature

Fun times at disneyland

Gift for a family friend

“Up da Duckin Dunbars”

Different kind of family photo

Farewell gift for a colleague

A unique Farewell gift for a colleague

A group photo can be inserted into an artwork.

Congratulatory gift for a boss

Congratulatory gift for a boss

Her team specifically wanted the photo to be named “Jiu Gui”; drawn to congratulate their boss on a promotion

Group caricature on the beach

Having fun at the beach

Gift for someone to remember all of them.

Gift for the whole class

Group caricature

Appreciation gift for those who attended workshop organised by the company.

Team caricature

Team caricature

To have an effective team, you need people with different talents and a great leader.

caricature artist

Reminiscing great moments among friends

A special commemorative gift for friends from a retreat in South Africa enjoying wine.