caricature artist

Reminiscing great moments among friends

A special commemorative gift for friends from a retreat in South Africa enjoying wine.


Farewell Gift For Canadian Hunter

Our caricature drawings are most popular when it comes to farewell gifts! Drawings are created based off the requests received and made to life...


Mugshot Caricature For Vietnam Friend

You may opt for a simple caricature creation to celebrate a friend! This drawing focuses on the profile of the gift receiver with a personalized message...


Farewell Caricature For Family Migrating To United Kingdom

A farewell gift in the form of a caricature drawing. A friend had requested for the family to be drawn sitting on the plane to portray their...


Farewell Caricature For Colleague In Spy Outfit

A personalized caricature drawing was gifted to a staff by his fellow colleagues. They made a special request for him to be dressed different...


Farewell Caricature For Sergeant In SAF Navy

A unit from the Singapore Navy had reached out for a caricature drawing of their respected leader to show thanks before his departure. Caricature...