Assembly talk on the art of caricatures

It’s post examination season and we’re usually busy conducting talks or caricature drawing workshops at schools in Singapore. If...


Ruoshi our senior artist on Lian He Zao Bao

Ye Ruoshi was interviewed by Lian He Zao Bao, the Chinese News Paper on her career as an artist. Here’s a rough English translation of...


Jackie Chan

Practice work done over at our Raffles City pushcart.


Miles Davis

Trying out expressive watercolor style for caricature of great jazz musician Miles Davis. I love to draw to his music.

singapore caricature cartoon art drawing fun picture image sketch colour drum drumset couple acoustic guitars electric guitar hearts drumset musical instrument music grand piano music classical drumstick stick blue evening dress red sports tshirt shirt yellow stripes pedal

Gabriel the Warrior Knight in Shining Armour

So you want to give that special someone a boost in ego. Turn him into a fully armoured knight on a mighty white steed with sword waiving in...


Birthday Guy in Black Nissan Latio Car with A Cheetah Holding Starbucks Coffee

As you can see, this is not our typical caricature order as there a lot of special requirements which our lady client has requested. The list...