Wedding gift for friends

Wedding gift for friends

To the netherlands

From Singapore to Netherlands

Farewell gift for avid cyclist

Farewell gift for an avid cyclist

A cheeky gift for someone to remember Singapore.


Cycling around Singapore




Farewell Caricature Gift To Boss Leaving For Prague

For every of our caricature order we encourage our client to make a special request so the result will be personalized gift that is one of a...


Triathlon Biker Holding a Pint of Guinness for 40th Birthday Gift

The caricature above is drawn base on our client’s descriptive details:

“…This caricature would be for my husbands 40th...


Triathlon Guy – Gift Caricature Drawing

Our regular customer have decided to do another caricature for a 40th birthday.  As well as doing for his wife ,we  also did one for his friend...