birthday gift


Caricature drawing that’s good to eat. Yummy!

What a lovely birthday cake.


Female Gym Fitness Trainer’s Birthday Caricature

This client has requested a caricature as a birthday gift for her trainer,

Hi Anna

I have attached 3 pictures for your perusal. This...


Nature Enthusiast Father Birdwatching Birthday Gift Caricature

This client came to us after being referred by her friend. She requested us to do a caricature of her father as a birthday gift.



Happy Birthday Daddy Family Caricature Drawing

“Thanks for the family caricature it was great.”
complimented our client who requested a second group caricature as a birthday present...


Sporty Outdoor Loving Father’s Birthday Gift

This returning client came back with a request for another birthday gift:
Hi Anna,

I would like to order another caricature for my dad’s...


Father And Daughter Caricature As Birthday Present

An alternative to ordering your caricature via email. Clients may also choose to make an appointment and head down to our office to purchase...


Birthday Present for 35th Birthday

The client requested for a caricature as a birthday gift: 

I would like to order a caricature for my boyfriend for his birthday urgently...


Queen Cleopatra’s Birthday Bash By Co-Workers

The client has requested for a specific theme for the artwork:

For the theme, I have mentioned that we will go with Cleopatra theme and we...


Caricature Gift for Husband’s 60th Birthday

I’m holding a 60th birthday celebration for my husband in October and would like to order three A4-sized coloured caricatures (with...

singapore caricature cartoon art drawing fun picture image sketch colour swimming pool champion medal london olympics number 1 one first winner superman shirt brown pants macho six pack stadium sports sporty audience crowd applause cheering cheer

Victory Celebration Caricature Gift

A birthday gift for a top swimmer and celebration for his victory with a famous swimming coach