Birthday Gift

Birthday Gift


Birthday Gift

Birthday Gift for a boss


Birthday gift for a super baker

“This is our team’s business admin. She is full of energy. She is a fantastic cook/baker and each month she prepares a big homemade spread...

Happy Birthday!

Birthday gift for a friend

Longevity is a gift. Keeping healthy, eating healthy. Birthday wishes from a good friend.

Birthday gift for a father

Birthday gift for dad

Birthday gift for big teddy bear

Birthday gift for a cuddly boss


Birthday gift for a senior

This was a 3-day express order. Our artist is able to draw quality caricatures even under tight turn-around-time.

Gift for Birthday Girl

Birthday gift for music talent

Birthday party 60, grand

Grand 60th birthday gift is a big ‘Landing’

The Big Landing is a Chinese concept for someone who has come of age. The client  has a lot of idea that we enjoy translating into this man-in-space...