caricature gift


Farewell Present For Jovial Colleague – A Caricature of Him as Charlie Chaplin

Clients’ request for a farewell gift for a colleague:
Attached is his picture. If you may draw him in Charlie Chaplin.

Is he possible...


Mary Poppins and Wizard of Oz Librarians.

The request comes from a client who has been using our service for gifts to fellow librarians abroad.

A request of a caricature for his librarians:


Keep In Touch – Farewell Gift Caricature Drawing

Farewell gift for a colleague on her retirement. Known by her colleagues as a slim and presentable lady who loves to match her dress with a belt...

Wedding caricature of couple having celebration drinking Dom Perignon Champagne.

Appreciation Gift for Sales Achievement by Beloved Couple

This is an A2 size caricature for a health and wellness company. They’re celebrating their top sales performer by commissioning a caricature...