Gifts for Anniversary Award Winners




Our annual affair at Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention.

Our Caricature team drawing caricatures at comics convention. This weekend only 10 &11 sept 2016. Every year we are at artists alley of...


LIVE Digital Caricature for two days at Suntec City

Our senior artist getting ready to draw caricatures digitally with an ipad that will be projected live on a monitor. They get a print-out on...


Energizer Manager As Gandalf The White From Lord Of The Rings

Customer requested for a Lord Of The Ring Theme with this one!

Our artist had lots of fun drawing this caricature!
Description of drawing:



Mugshot Caricature for Leaving Colleagues

This customer requested for A4 mugshot caricature

as a farewell gift for their leaving colleagues. These 2 caricatures

were made and presented...