farewell gift

Farewell gift for police officer

Farewell gift for a police officer


Farewell gift for a foreign colleague who loves surfboard activities

Farewell gift in a form of a digital caricature for a foreigner colleague who loves water sports such as Surfboarding. Background is the Parkview...


Digital caricature~ Flying to China for work!

This lady has been working in Singapore for some time before being transfer to China by her company to work. So before leaving, her friend asked...


Gift for a retired colleague

Customer ordered this group caricatured for this guy who is retiring from work force. He loves Asia food particularly chilli crabs. So there...


Cycling Enthusiast Colleague Leaving Singapore For USA

You could get your caricature order with a phone call or email. Alternatively, you could also make an appointment and come down to our studio...


Marathon Runner Colleague Relocating From Singapore To Head Office In Chicago

Dear Kamal,

 We would like you to draw a caricature portrait of our colleague, Tom Zerull, as he will be relocating back from Singapore...


COO of Biggest Fast-Food Chain On A Bajaj Transferring To Jakarta

The Bajaj is a scooter like vehicle used as public transportation in Jakarta. Client requested for a caricature of their COO who’s leaving...


Boardroom Setting Caricature For CEO Of Shipping Company

Returning client’s request:
Hi Kamal,

 Reaching out to you again. This time, my CEO, xxxx, is moving on from Maersk Line to a new...