Look In The Sky – Its Captain Bola and Bola Boy!!!

A customer has a unique request for her husband’s birthday gift.

“I would like to order an A3 caricature for 2 people plus the...

Caricature of a grandfather showing victory sign

Grandfather’s Birthday Gift Caricature

Customer would have this imprinted onto a mug as a gift to his beloved grandfather. She specifically asked for him to show the victory sign....

He has a peculiar way of standing with one hand on the waist.

A Retired Construction Worker’s Birthday

A Facebook friend engaged our service for her dad’s birthday gift. Though retired, he often reminisce his glory days in the construction...


A Father’s Day Gift Caricature

The kids got mommy to contact us for a father’s day gift. She just wanted a plain caricature but we suggested she describe him and we’ll...