Live Digital Caricature

Live Digital Caricature Event

Digital caricature can be projected on a screen so everyone can watch the drawing process.


Go Go Power Rangers!

A power rangers themed caricature gift for a colleague who love power rangers.


Digital for family of three flying off

A digital caricature was requested to be drawn for this family of three: mother, father and their young daughter. They were flying off, back...


Mugshot of a pretty lady in Toyota

The colleague of this pretty lady ask to draw her a mugshot caricature. Their company is Toyota the branded automobile company. Hope the lady likes...


Pedestrian Night Busking @ Orchard Rd

Occasionally, we will go down to Orchard Road during the weekends to busk. The public were always curious and our presence are well-received...


Caricature Farewell Gift For ‘Gangnam Style’ Colleague

Client’s request:
Hi Anna

 Please find the pictures for your inspiration.

 Can you make JT the Super star for the kangnam dance...


Farewell Present For Jovial Colleague – A Caricature of Him as Charlie Chaplin

Clients’ request for a farewell gift for a colleague:
Attached is his picture. If you may draw him in Charlie Chaplin.

Is he possible...


Queen Cleopatra’s Birthday Bash By Co-Workers

The client has requested for a specific theme for the artwork:

For the theme, I have mentioned that we will go with Cleopatra theme and we...