gift caricature

Landscape Architect - Gift Caricature

Landscape Architect – Gift Caricature

As quoted by our customer, the subject is her boss and she is a professional Landscape Architect who is a very talented designer. She wants to...

Saving Life - Flying High

Flying High, Saving Life – Gift Caricature

From saving a life to flying high, from a paramedic to an air- stewardess. Our customer have decided to present this as a memorable gift for...

Happy 71st Birthday, Grandpa!

Happy 71st Birthday, Grandpa! – Gift Caricature

Our customer ordered this for a relative in the Philippines. Rather last minute, so she stopped at our office on the way to the airport. We had...

Knight in shining armor-Princess-Digital

Royalty Wedding Anniversary – Couple Caricature

Requested by Customer:
“A) The lady design must not be too sexy


Gift Caricature of a Muslim Lady wearing a scarf

A Muslim Lady wearing a Scarf Gift Caricature

A repeat order from our customer of a Muslim lady wearing a yellow scarf. Its a gift for his colleague.


Wedding Gift Caricature for Mix Wedding of a Catholic and A Hindu

Hindu and Catholic Wedding Gift Caricature

Speaking of mixed marriages this is one of different faiths. Our customer in the United Arab Emirates made a repeat order but this time its s...