Gift for boss


A Band of fun musician playing instruments

A group caricature ordered by a company for this group of colleagues to be drawn as musicians! Fun and entertaining theme! It was a hilarious,...


Segway Surfing Boss And Casual Colleague Both Got A Farewell Gift Caricature Each

Client’s request:

 Our boss is leaving and we want to provide him with a farewell gift.  We want to present this to him next...


Boardroom Setting Caricature For CEO Of Shipping Company

Returning client’s request:
Hi Kamal,

 Reaching out to you again. This time, my CEO, xxxx, is moving on from Maersk Line to a new...


Digital Caricature Gift For Air Force Colonel In His Office

The client has requested a caricature for a Superior Officer:

I would like to request a quote for a caricature. We require 2 copies...


Farewell Caricature for CEO of 7-11

This is a farewell gift for the CEO of 7-11 and they wanted a ‘big-gulp’ sized caricature. Our usual assignments are A4 or A3, but...

The staff of this big Oakland Raiders fan decided on a caricature of him as a quarterback. Its a parting gift with a distinctive Singapore landmark, the Merlion as a reminder of the lion city.

American Football Caricature for Microsoft Boss

We are just happy that we got to do an American football theme. I got to draw like Jack Davis! He is a great inspiration when it come to drawing...