group caricature


To commemorate the completion of a course

We did this format of drawing yearly for our regular customer — Roche. This is an interesting request as it is a group caricature for a...


A Band of fun musician playing instruments

A group caricature ordered by a company for this group of colleagues to be drawn as musicians! Fun and entertaining theme! It was a hilarious,...


Rugby Team’s Group Caricature For Graduation

Client requests for a caricature as a graduation gift for her sons graduating and leaving school for university:
I was wondering if you might...

2011-05-25-standard chartered-ducktour-singaporebay-group-caricature-480px

Farewell Gift Group Caricature Drawing for Bank Executives

You see these ‘Ducks’ all the time in the financial district of Singapore. They’re amphibious military landing craft modified...

Middle Eastern - Arabian Night

Middle Eastern – Gifts Caricature

The theme – Middle Eastern was chosen by our customer, focusing all the characters dressed as royalty from Arabian Nights, with one of...