Caricature Gift for Confetti Covered Wedding Couple

One of our artist drew something lovely for his sister’s wedding. He did something simple like a confetti background and the church. Something...


Farewell Caricature Gift for Japanese Managing Director

A diversified office has a pretty awesome idea of giving their Japanese manager a farewell caricature to take home.
Hi, Our Japanese Managing...


Caricature Goodbye Card for a Fun Cool Boss

The employees wanted to give the boss something awesome to remind them of his time working in Singapore. What a good idea to make it as a card...


Baba Bling at Peranakan Museum Open House

We were invited again to draw at the Peranakan Museum. This time, its their open-house for their exhibition on Peranakan jewelery. We had 2 stations...

Singapore artists for drawing caricatures and funny cartoon illustrations

Singapore Caricature Artists: Kamal & Ruoshi

Kamal and Ruoshi are professional artists offering caricature drawing services alongside their other practices in visual arts. For enquiries...