Best Japanese Artists at work

ISCA Japan MiniCon in Nagoya 2014

The Japanese chapter of International Society of Caricature Artists hosted the 2014 Asian Minicon in Nagoya from 11 to 14 February 2014. Four...


An Italian Motorcycle Tour Group Caricature With Ducati

A digital caricature for this wild bunch. The clients’ request:
I have attached 2 photographs: 
- a group photo of my motorcycle group;


Student’s Gift for Professor’s 70th Birthday

The clients’ request is for a Professor 70th Birthday:

I would like to order a coloured caricature for my professor’s 70th birthday.

She's a Filipino accountant marrying an Egyptian.

Wedding Caricatures for International Customer

We have been getting regular work from abroad. International customers usually send their photos and tell us what they want by email. We will...