JAPAN Grandprix 2017 Caricature Competiton

Four of our artists attended the Japanese gathering of caricature artists. It’s a week Long event of competition and learning among the...


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Best Japanese Artists at work

ISCA Japan MiniCon in Nagoya 2014

The Japanese chapter of International Society of Caricature Artists hosted the 2014 Asian Minicon in Nagoya from 11 to 14 February 2014. Four...


Farewell Caricature Gift for Japanese Managing Director

A diversified office has a pretty awesome idea of giving their Japanese manager a farewell caricature to take home.
Hi, Our Japanese Managing...


Farewell Gift Globe Trotting Manager Leaving Singapore

This week we had to draw the same person twice but from a different department. It would be a pleasant surprise for this manager to receive two...

Astronaut caricature, funny thematic, moon, singapore japan. drawing by caricaturist artists

My Boss is an Astronaut! A Farewell Gift for Japanese Colleague

This is from a glass company that specialise in tempered glass for electrical appliances and cars.
We would like to engage your service for...