singapore artist


Digital painting of caricature for a watercolor artist Mr. Idris Mohd Ali.

Distinguished watercolor artist Friend drawn with iPad Pro


Alma Mater Call- Digital caricature for St. Stephen’s girl

A gift for this lady teacher from Saint Stephen’s School. It’s a digital caricature done by our senior artist- Tank Lee.


Xmas party for families @NUS school of Dean

Throw back to last X’mas season where Ruoshi did a one-hour LIVE event drawing caricatures for the guests of the Alumni club of NUS School...



With respect to customers privacy. I’m not including their photos but this is the most fun subject that I wish to share. Enjoy this...


Farewell Gift For A Funky Lad

A client requested:
Please draw my friend  leaning on a stack of books
In some trendy fashionable clothes
Dancing shoes
One hand he is...

singapore caricature cartoon art drawing fun picture image sketch colour terrace houses house books trees tree green woman lady smiling happy grinning grin long hair black office wear dress flats ribbon individual pencil skirt blouse

Team of Super Heroes Caricature from a Major Bank and Accounting Firm

This is a team of people with super abilities. We have Superman, Batman, Flash, Catwoman, Jedi Knight, Darth Vader, Iron man, Wonder woman, Princess...

singapore caricature cartoon art drawing fun picture image sketch colour librarian merlion building pencil skirt black shirt pearl necklace books national library smiling smile happy long hair red shoes building buildings

Corporate Caricature Gift For A Librarian


Triathlon Biker Holding a Pint of Guinness for 40th Birthday Gift

The caricature above is drawn base on our client’s descriptive details:

“…This caricature would be for my husbands 40th...