Singapore Caricature


Cycling Colleague Outdoors With Battle Tank and Fighter Jet In The Background

The order requested for a caricature for their colleague
1.       to be on a bicycle wearing cycling shorts – somewhere outdoors in...


Appreciation Caricature Gift To Uniformed Army Officer With Badges

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This customer requested for...


Gift to a friend who loves to cook.

Drawn at our pushcart.


Caricature of Librarian In Sony eReader Surrounded By Books

This recurring client came back with a different task for us!
Hi Kamal,

 Can help me with an A4 caricature like the last two you did for...


A Farewell Toast For Korean Colleague

Client requested for 3 Days Express Service:

XXXX here & I have made a caricature purchase before.
I need to make another purchase...


Sporty Outdoor Loving Father’s Birthday Gift

This returning client came back with a request for another birthday gift:
Hi Anna,

I would like to order another caricature for my dad’s...