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Passion Arts @ Jurong

Kamal and Ruoshi did a 3 hours event at Jurong Community Club during Passion Arts Season in June 2014. The residence who attended the event were...


Group caricature on a Matador’s red cape

A customer wanted all his colleagues face drawn as farewell gift for their boss.

We would like to have a Caricature with the attachments...

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Caricature For 80th Birthday Celebration Of An Accomplished Gentleman Who Loves Whiskey

It is often been said that caricatures is the ideal gift for someone who has everything. What else could you give someone who has accomplished...

Fifteen people committee at British American Tobacco company potrayed as Roman senators.

Organisation Caricature for BAT


Baba Bling at Peranakan Museum Open House

We were invited again to draw at the Peranakan Museum. This time, its their open-house for their exhibition on Peranakan jewelery. We had 2 stations...


Plumber Caricature