singaporean caricaturist


Peacock Dance – Wedding Gift Caricature


The theme for their wedding was a bollywood movie night with peacock colour theme. Thus suggested theme for the drawing was Peacock....


Professor with his scientist – Gift Caricature Drawing

A gift caricature to a boss who is sitting on the machine invented by the team.


Guy Who Loves Poetry – Gift Caricature Drawing

A memorable gift from a colleague. As described by his colleague, this librarian likes philosophy and writing.



Sipping Tea on Office Desk – Gift Caricature Drawing

This request is a boss who have got promoted and will be posting to another Ministry. As a momento his colleagues presented him with a gift caricature...


C&BA Office – Gift Caricature Drawing

Details given by the colleague:

 Accountant at his desk
in blue checks long-sleeved shirt (best with a Fred Perry logo on the left...


Surprise! Its Your Birthday! – ‘Live’ Caricature Event

“Its our birthday party on the 6th November 2010! “A birthday celebration among family, relatives and friends.

summer camp

Summer Camp At American Club – Caricature Funny Sketchings

Kamal drawing for Kids at the American Club on August 13th 2010.
Called in last minute by an event company who also hired Ken and Reggie.

Love in Tokyo

A Love Story In Tokyo – Wedding Gift Caricature

February the month of love has been chosen by the couple to share a memorable moments of their life. The bride rides a red and white Honda scooter,...