Anniversary gift

Thank you gift

“Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret.” – Mary Kay Ash

Wedding gift for friends

Wedding gift for friends

Wedding caricature

Wedding caricature with mum

A caricature can be a different kind of family portrait.

Farewell to an amazing boss

Farewell to an amazing boss

It is difficult to find an amazing boss. So thank him by sharing your thoughts on a caricature.


Wedding Couple Caricature

A couple placed an order for their own wedding caricature.




Finance Driector Caricature on Red Harley Bike

Our client requested us to drew a caricature of her Finance Director on his red Harley bike.


Credit Card Maverick – Farewell Gift Caricature Drawing

Its a gift to a senior personnel of Mastercard. His achievement and responsibility is rather obvious in the theme .

2011-05-24 couple on bicycle wedding caricature

Wedding Couple on a Mountain Bike Thematic Caricature

This is a wedding gift to a couple who loves the outdoor, especially cycling on the southern islands. Now that’s a novel idea to save on...


Oscar Awards Movie Theme Caricature

Its a parting gift for an executive working in the movie industry. His colleagues decided to dress him up in the finest tuxedo, put him in the...